Cold Forming

ZAME® 2PR presses are high quality 4 pieces frame geared type, best fitted for stamping with progressive die. Specially designed for hard jobs, they are extremely stiff, with minimal bolster bending, assuring great precision and long durability to the die-tools. Every machine is taylor made to meet the requirements of the customer.

  • Forces from 1100 to 8000 kN
  • Bolster lenght up to 4000 mm
  • Speed up to 200 spm


  • Automatic high precision for cold forming with progressive or transfer die-tools
  • Maximum force granted from the minimum speed
  • Working distance 6 mm from BDC
  • Epicicloydal gear reduction
  • 4 pieces steel welded frame with stress relief treatment, with 4 preloaded tie rods
  • Maximum bending less then 0.125 mm/m with distributed load on the 40% of the bolster area
  • Transversal eccentric shaft made with a special steell nitrated
  • Automatic stroke change
  • Pneumatic clutch-brake system
  • Automatic lubricating circuit with heating and refrigerating systems
  • Ram adjustment centesimal precision
  • Hydraulic overload system
  • Hydrostatic/hydrodinamic slide centering system with stiffness increasing with load and speed
  • Air bellows use to eliminate clearances between mechanical parts in the shaft-slide
    assembly with adjustment with tools weight
  • Costant torque and variable speed electric motor
  • Up-to-date PLC controller with Touch Screen as HMI

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