ZAME® Stamping Presses are high quality 4 pieces frame with tie rods specially designed with a built-in parallelism for heavy work. Our presses are specially designed with low structural bending assuring high precision and long life to the die-tools. The range of our high speed blanking presses:

  • Force from 600 to 6000 kN
  • Bolster lenght up to 4000 mm
  • Speed up to 600 spm


  • Automatic Blanking Press working with carbide steel progressive die tools
  • Working stroke 1.6 mm from BDC option 3.2 mm
  • Stiff welded steel 4 pieces frame termal treated for stress relief - preloaded tie rods
  • Maximum blending <0.08 mm/m with centered and uniform load on the 40% of bolster surface
  • Dynamic balancing system to reduce the ram inertial forces on the frame, no fundation needed
  • Special steel nitrurated eccentric shaft
  • Flywheel mounted on the frame, oversized to give the nominal force at the minimum press speed
  • Hydraulic clutch-brake system
  • Automatic high pressure lubricating system, with thermal conditioning
  • Special cast-iron ram for vibration damping
  • Hydrostatic/hydrodinamic ram centering system with stiffness increasing with load and speed
  • Hydraulic automatic blocking system to eliminate vertical cleareances in the ram
  • Centesimal ram adjustment
  • Slide Quick Lift - optional
  • Costant torque and variable speed motor
  • Up to date electronic control system with PLC and HMI with Touch Screen

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